holding the wings

Hello! Nice to meet-well, blog with you :]

My name is Jesse Alora. I am a self-employed face painter in the North Bay area of usually sunny California. On the weekends, I’m either working for a few party companies throughout the Bay Area or face painting in Leghorn‘s park for tips. I also craft Waldorf-style pipe cleaner faery dolls in local cafes every so often. I sell them at certain events throughout the year, on my easy store, and in Earth Child.  I’m more than a little into all things Waldorf 😀

Painting in the park

  My hobbies include people sketching, french knitting, sculpting with polymer clay, spontaneous adventures to who knows where, spur of the moment tea parties on the cliffs of Bodega Bay, writing, Ceili dancing, finding vintage dresses for under $9 (Aubergine’s!!), attending Renaissance Faires in full garb, and hand sewing. I’ve got ‘My Little Pony’ style hair, which I love. It’s usually pink, purple, and blue, but I’m always on the lookout for new colors to try! I love to learn everything I can about my chosen profession, so you’ll find me watching classes on FABATV and youtube quite a bit.

If you’re a bit curious about me or are looking for a face painter at your next party, you are more than welcome to send me a message. Just visit the ‘contact’ page on my website :]

Lovely to meet you!


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