Fashionably delicious

Ask anyone who knows me how I feel about cooking and they’ll tell you I am a food fiend. I’m always on the lookout for wild new recipes or colorful cakes to bake. Even with my love of delectable delicacies in mind, the trickiest part of planning a party for me is the food. Confound you, food! 

How many different dishes do I offer? Should I only serve healthy snacks? Desserts? A three course meal? What on earth do I cook to fit with my theme? Did I just completely kill that soup? These are all questions that run through my mind when I’m planning a get together…and yes, the ruined food question is one that comes up quite a bit. Luckily, through the magic of Tumblr, Pinterest, and various blogs across the internet I’ll be ticking this particular item off my party planning list for good.

I love chocolate, I love balloons, and I love edible bowls. Much to me delight, this tutorial from combines all three. This is one of those things that I could even do with my party guests. 


Pudding cups from

“Want a bowl for your ice cream? Sure! Follow me over this way and we’ll cook one up for you!” As far as I’m concerned, anything that keeps me away from doing loads of dishes is absolutely genius in my book. That, and I mean…it’s chocolate. It’s mass amounts of chocolate in my mouth. How could I pass that up?

Something else I can’t pass up is pie. I don’t know why it is I’m so obsessed by pastries in jars, but…I am. Something about cake and pie being contained in one small glass individual-sized jar is just so appealing to me. I’m sure that’s appealing to a lot of people trying to do a bit of damage control on messes in their home. 


It’s piiiiiieeeeee from Pizzazzerie.comI’m sure some people don’t quite get my excitement over this, but that’s fine. I’ll just go chill with Dean Winchester for a bit and we’ll geek out over the creation of delectable pies in jars. This article suggests making these little guys into party favors for your guests. I’d tend to think that was a fabulous idea…if you don’t have a TON of guests. Then again, I guess if you’ve got an ‘assembly line system’ of pie making going, it wouldn’t be too time consuming to whip a decent amount of these little guys up. For those on a budget (like me, ha), you can pick up mason jars at your local dollar store. Otherwise, craft stores, Target, Home stores….and practically every place you go to will have these glass beauties. They’re just THAT popular. 

Keeping with the theme of cakes and pies…this. This recipe I am itching to try my hand at. Again, anyone who knows me, will tell you how fond of food coloring I am. I have posted pictures of rainbow pancakes I’ve made on a whim on my Facebook profile more times than I can count and Easter egg dying isn’t just some holiday tradition for me; its a way of life. 


So imagine my delight at bumping into this fantastic tutorial from Once Upon a Pedestal devoted to the baking of a polka-dot cake. It looks so simple as well which is fantastic! Yeah, yeah, I heard someone murmuring “famous last words” under their breath. In all honesty, I do think this tutorial breaks it down enough to where the process isn’t some magical mystery of the professional baking world. Go forth and polka-dot all the cakes! Why the heck not?

And lastly (for today anyway), we’ve got cookies because who doesn’t love a good cookie? Especially ones as well dressed as these. I know St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, but icing colors can be changed and clothing styles altered to fit the party theme in question. 


I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I’m going to use this tutorial from semisweet at will. Ooo! Maybe some-YES! Steampunk cookies. Ladies and gents, I’m making me some Steampunk fashion cookies!! I’ll be sure to post photos when I do it, but-AAAAahahahhahah…oooo, this could be dangerous. 

Stay sparkly, lovelies! 

Jesse Alora, Faery Lady Faces