Spring has Sprung

I’m sitting in my room, looking out at a sky that seems to be contemplating the possibility of rain a bit later, and thinking about this upcoming Easter. For me, the holiday has always brought about memories of brightly colored eggs, bunches of pastel flowers hanging from every wall of my house, late afternoon drives to nowhere…and eating mass amounts of candy. My main thing though, is the egg dyeing. My mom had to hide her food coloring from me when I was younger because I had a habit of just watching drops of color in a clear glass cascade down through the water within. It was fascinating to me how one little drop of dye could billow through another liquid and change it into something else entirely.

That being said, I have a not so wonderful habit of leaving all my egg dyeing to the last minute, which for me means not being able to try out all the neat little tricks I find in books and online. Even with that little down fall in mind, I really truly think I need to give this technique, from Jennifer Kirk over at Sheknows.com, a whirl.



I’m a bit tempted to see what kinds of colors I can get using natural materials like purple cabbage or blueberries. I tend to think the colors would be a bit deeper and definitely more earth-tone than the dyes you find in the grocery store. Come to think of it, I’ve got a ‘natural dyeing’ how-to book laying around on my shelves somewhere. *Makes a mental note for a future blog entry*

If I used gold leaf on my eggs, those things would be with me until they flaked apart from old age. That, and for some reason, I just really enjoy intact empty egg shells. There’s something so rewarding about turning a brightly colored egg over in your hand, knowing it won’t be destroyed in a day or two to get to the ‘golden treasure’ inside. A box without hinges, key or a lid…

This next egg idea speaks to my style of gardening…which is poor at best. I try! I really do, but everything I plant turns to ash. I almost had a functioning mini vegetable garden on my front porch when I lived in Denver…but then I had the flu and *POOF*. Everything died.

I’d think it’d be truly awe-inspiring if I managed to kill this garden from Fortheloveof.net .



The reason I like this idea (besides the fact that it allows me to live under the delusion that I’m an accomplished gardener)  is because it’s simple and very interesting to look at. Why use regular clay or plastic pots, when I can go green and use some hollowed out egg shells instead? Best thing is, when I get tired of having them around all I have to do is smash them up and put them into a compost pile. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. I want to use the gold leaf marbled eggs to create some semi-permanent plant pots to sprinkle throughout my future home! I wonder if I could plant some wild flowers in these things…

Then, of course, if all else fails and I even manage to kill some simple grass, there’s always the crafty approach to flower gardens. These delightful tulips from scissorsandspoons.com would make for an inviting table centerpiece at any ‘spring fling’. There’s even the option of plucking one out from the bunch and giving them out as party favors at the end of the day. Speaking as a technically six-year old girl…paper flowers that can potentially double as magic wands, conductor’s batons, or even small daggers are the epitome of awesome.


As a quick side note, individual pieces of uncooked spaghetti also make for perfect conductor’s batons. They’re just the right length and look so graceful when waved through the air at a pretend ensemble of wind instruments, violins, and booming drums. Just sayin’.

This next bouquet from Design Improvised might not be the typical bunch of flowers, but for someone who always seems to end up with a ridiculous amount of plastic easter eggs…(I don’t even know how or where they all magically appear from)…it’s the perfect answer to the question,” what the bloody hell do I do with these things??”



I’m a sucker for lively colors, but just looking at this little grouping of flower eggs makes me really happy. Also, the fact that it’s in a mason jar just makes it that much better. Yes, I do have a bit of a thing for mason jars. Slipping into a bit of an Arthur Knapp-Shappey frame of mind here, I’d say this idea… is BRILLIANT!

In the same line of brilliance, is the edible garden idea from Hungry Happenings. It’s simple, it’s adorable, and…it’s candy. All things I am terribly fond of.

candy carrots, Easter candy, Easter candy recipes, kid's Easter crafts copy


These are in the same vein as those edible ‘dirt cups’ my elementary school teachers were so fond of trodding out at every Halloween class party. As I’m staring at this picture, I’m musing on the idea of making a plate of brownies, crumbling them all up into a festival ‘plot of land’ (aka baking tin), and ‘planting’ a few ‘vegetables’ in the ‘dirt’, and leaving it on the counter to be ‘harvested’ at will. I’m really amused by this scenario, actually. I wonder what candies I could use to create cabbages, kale, and artichokes…

Whilst I go off to ponder my future home decor and candy garden, I hope you’re all having a wonderful spring day.

Stay Sparkly, Lovelies!

Jesse Alora
Faery Lady Faces