Painting in the Park

As well as posting brilliant little DIY party ideas and tricks, I’m also keen on sharing some photos from my weekly painting adventures in my local park…seeing as I am, in fact, a face painter with the intention of building a following/reputation within my local community. Yay, Faery Lady Faces!

Every week, I go to a place in Petaluma called Leghorn’s Park for a few hours to try out new design ideas and basically keep my craft sharp as a tack. If you’re in the area and interested in doing a ‘test run’ of my painting abilities, this is the place to do it! When I’m in the park, I paint for tips. If you don’t have money on you, I’m not going to turn you away from my chair, but as I tell a fair amount of the children who come up to me asking for face paint,”Tips are appreciated, but never mandatory”. I’m usually there after 2:30pm on Thursdays and Fridays, and after 10:30 on the weekends…depending on my party schedule on a given week. I post when and where I’m going to be painting on my Facebook, so if you’re interested….take a peek!

This week, I did a fair amount of special requests. It was mostly things like birds, cupcakes, pandas, and flowers, but there were quite a few cat and dog masks thrown in there for good measure. One of the bigger requests (for me) was a half-face skull with flowers.


I decided to go the ‘sugar skull’ route with this one just because I don’t typically do scary (willingly. Pansy and proud) and because I thought that style would lend itself better to the skull/flower combination. This is actually my first time painting a sugar skull, even though I’ve been dying to paint them since October. She only wanted it on one side of her face, so it was an interesting challenge to find a way to split the face in a way that looked clean and finished.

Speaking of ‘clean and finished’, seeing as we’re coming up on Easter, I’ve had what seems like an explosion of requests for easter eggs and bunnies. With that demand in mind, I’ve been working on my bunny masks. I’m nearly there, but I have one or two little bits I’d like to play around with a bit more….



This little girl is actually a repeat customer of mine! I’m beginning to develop a group of ‘regulars’ who see me coming and immediately line up as they wait for me to unpack my paints. Last time she was in my chair, I believe she requested a pink hummingbird. I was really amused by this one because she mentioned that she and her Mom and older sister were on the way to the movies. She went to the movie theater with a bunny face, which in her case works, but for those of us who are a bit older….it doesn’t work out quite so well. I made the mistake of walking into my local bank with a full-face tiger mask painted on and was politely pulled aside by the manager of the branch. She explained that the mask made them uneasy because they thought I was going to rob the bank! In all honesty, I had completely forgotten I had it painted on. Oops. “What not to do in a bank” by Jesse Alora. 

Anyway, back to the here and now…in addition to painting cat masks, I had one little girl who wanted just a small cheek art cartoon cat. I don’t usually paint little cats like that, so we looked on google really quickly for a bit of reference/inspiration. When she found one she liked, I did my best to replicate it for her. 



This was a good ‘quick fix’, but I’m now in the process of designing a smaller cheek art kitty to offer in addition to the BIG cat masks. Come to think of it, I also came up with a smaller butterfly cheek design that I’m finally happy with, but did I take a picture of it? NOPE. I’ll get it next week…

Stay Sparkly, Lovelies!

Jesse Alora
Faery Lady Faces



Faery Lady Faces Fine Art Face Painting…the beginning!

Here we are on this fin-well, cloudy, rainy, wind-howling-like-it’s-nobody’s-business…Wednesday afternoon. As I sit here typing and looking at my brushes just waiting to be used, iiiit’s show time! (Thank you Beetlejuice)


The Color of Magic-inspired eye design

So, to start off let me introduce the face behind the computer screen. I am Jesse Alora, one of the owners of Faery Lady Faces fine art face painting. Our business adventure is all bright and shiny new as we’ve only just launched our website within the past week or so. We are based in Petaluma and cater to the North Bay Area of California. For anyone in Petaluma who goes to Leghorn’s park on the weekend, you might recognize me as the girl with the bright vintage dresses, face painting in the park for tips. 

I don’t want this first post to sound too much like a radio ad (who needs that?), so for further information about who we are and what we do…have a gander at our shiny new website:

Faery Lady Faces

As for the rest…if you’re anything like me and are stumped for party ideas, this is the place for you. I’ve recently started scouring the internet on sites like Pinterest or Tumblr for DIY party inspiration. I’m one of those people who wants to celebrate her birthday, but when the time comes draws a complete blank on what to do. Hopefully, I’ll help you avoid my fate (ha). 

Now, I am a Leap Year baby. This means that I am a child of both worlds in a way. I’ve got my biological age, which is 25, and my technical age, which is 6.25 years old. Thanks to this straddling of two ages, I am in love with unique and unusual ways of doing things, which I’m pretty sure you’ll catch onto within the first three entries of this blog. Most, if not all, of the links I’ll feature are things that my inner 6.25 year old are absolutely in love with.  

I had a blast doing the research for future posts (so many links saved in my notes) and I look forward to sharing my love of all things colorful and fun with you!

Faith, trust, and pixie dust, 
Jesse Alora
Faery Lady Faces
Twitter @faeryladyfaces