Well, that’s a surprise!

I am a fan of hiding special treats in plain things. I’m a bit like a squirrel in that regard. Find a thing, hide it in a secret place…then curse my ‘being clever’ when it comes time to retrieve it. Personally, I think a ‘hidden treasures’ theme party would be fantastic. With cookies that are more than they seem, regular ol’ cardboard boxes with a colorful surprise, and party decorations that are actually invitations in disguise, it would be one of the coolest shindigs. Oo, throw in a couple mustaches to top it all off and it’d be golden. 

As much fun as they are, piñatas can be a bit on the messy side when it comes time to clean up after they’ve been brutally beaten to a pulp. As someone who is very good at making messes and not too fond of cleaning them up (but does it anyway, however begrudgingly), this cookie design from Sandra Denneler is more than a little appealing to me.


Not only is is BRIGHT and colorful, but it also has the added bonus of being edible and having a secret compartment baked in. These are listed as ‘Cinco de mayo’ cookies, but it’s easy enough to change the cookie cutter shape I use to fit the occasion. Instead of donkeys, why not gingerbread men, hearts, or squirrels. I do actually have a squirrel cookie cutter. It’s a bit on the small side, but it’s vintage, it’s cool looking…and cost less than a packet of gum.

Not the biggest fan of M’nMs (meh), but I’m sure I could find some kind of replacement candy that would work just as well. Maybe chocolate covered raisons would taste good…or candied pecans.

This next food idea, I find amusing and enticing, but…I’m not sure how kids expecting cake would respond. There is the distinct possibility of being tied up to a tree in the backyard with jump ropes, while the little ones dance around you, periodically hurling water balloons and bits of unwanted food from the buffet at you. Party rule #1: never come between a child and the promise of cake.

THAT being said, this ‘cake’ from Cute Foods for Kids, is making me really, really hungry. 



What can I say? I love PB&J. I love Jelly and cream cheese sandwiches infinitely more, but the traditional peanut butter option is just as good. For my own party planning, I think this type of cake substitute would work very well as the main finger food at a tea party. Cutting sandwiches into wedges and putting them all together on a plate so that they actually do look like a cake would be neat. They don’t all have to be the same flavor even! A couple could be PB&J, a few could be honey and peanut butter (another favorite of mine), and the last few could be cream cheese and jelly. That would sort of turn it into a ‘Russian roulette’ of sandwich slices. 

Moving out of the realm of food and into that of cards, this idea from Studio DIY is a sure fire hit with any birthday girl or boy (or woman, or man). 



How cool would it be to wake up to one of these things? If I wanted to take it a bit further, I could even put individual messages or tie bunches of curled ribbons at the base of each balloon. Or-or attach a light-weight present to the ribbons so that when the balloons come floating out, they lift the gift with them. I’m getting way too many idea looking at this thing.

Another lovely thing to wake up to, would be this birthday postcard template from Oh Happy Day.



The beauty of this is that it’s like an extra little present from all the guests to the birthday child (or adult, adults get to have cool things too). It’s just a nice way of saying ‘happy birthday’ that means a bit more when all the cards are assembled on the wall. 

I went a bit backwards with my imaginary party planning today, but no matter. Invitations! This idea from Studio DIY (again, I know. I love their blog!) is so stinking cool. 



To me, things that are notes, but double as decorations are brilliant. I also just like those honeycomb-type adornments. As far as invites go, if I got this in the mail I’d be ecstatic. Not to mention the fact that since it’s a decoration I can hang in my room…it would make for a very effective ‘party reminder’. 

Does anyone have any favorite ‘party surprises’?

Stay Sparkly, lovelies!

Jesse Alora
Faery Lady Faces